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For more information about how you can specifically find a place for your children or your family at Lakehoma Church of Christ, please contact Kary Myers (Children’s Ministry Coordinator) or Ian McLoud (Youth & Family Minister).

Our Youth & Family Ministry

The Middle and High school years are the most important for developing faith in students. Lakehoma’s youth and family ministry exists to help our students learn to make their faith their own. We do this through various ways including challenging Bible classes, small groups, camps (Lu-Jo and Contact), retreats (Winterfest), and various other youth events. It is our desire that when our students graduate and leave home they will not only know what they believe, but why they believe it. And, of course, we’ll have some fun along the way!

Our Children’s Ministry

An interactive Bible school program for children promotes Lakehoma’s purpose of teaching God’s word, living like Christ, and growing as a family. Children’s Education Coordinator Kary Myers builds upon the efforts of many, citing a desire to “facilitate families and help provide the best Christian education experiences that we can for our children and the children of our community. We are focused on making our program a comprehensive study of age-appropriate lessons that will help spark a child’s spiritual future. We want to instill in our children the love of Jesus and how important it is to teach that love to everyone we know.”

Lakehoma’s Nursery Program

The nursery department at Lakehoma Church of Christ provides the youngest children (birth to two years) with a positive, loving experience of Bible class. The curriculum uses songs, rhymes, and hands-on activities to teach basic concepts of God’s creation, and his love for us, incorporating the materials of education specialist Palma Smiley. Lessons for the babies and toddlers center on God’s Creation, families, and baby Jesus, emphasizing basic Christian values and introducing primary Bible characters. The nursery department also oversees the attended nursery during worship services, available for children aged two and under. Attendants maintain a safe, clean, fun, and loving place for the youngest children to experience God’s love while in their care.

The Preschool Program

Recognizing that the imagination and curiosity of preschool-aged children is tremendous, our preschool curriculum uses these wonderful qualities to advantage in helping guide hearts toward exciting discoveries in the Bible. The preschool department provides resources for two-year-olds through 1st graders on selected lessons from creation to the life of Jesus. Using a child’s most basic sense of learning, these lessons include a variety of hands-on experiences, theme crafts, and “snack activities” that tap into a child’s five senses and offer benefits from a broad style of learning. Preschoolers are invited to participate in King’s Kids on the last Sunday night of each month, a program for three-year-olds through the 3rd grade. Children come for singing, Bible stories, and rotation-based learning centers to supplement their learning.

An In-depth and Individualized Elementary Program

The elementary program for 2nd through 4th grades provides a full view of the Bible from creation all the way through the New Testament, and lets children learn at their own pace. The “Faith Foundations” curriculum in the elementary grades is effectively helping students understand and apply Bible stories with impressive retention of the lessons. This curriculum is Bible story-driven, with stories presented in chronological order. Bible truths and applications are drawn from each story, and God’s great plan, woven throughout the Bible, is clearly evident. The Faith Foundations lessons are designed to encourage students to remain motivated to study the truths being taught, and to increase their spiritual thirst.

56 Degrees

56 Degrees is a temperature that can’t really be classified as cold or hot. It’s a good “in-between” temperature. Why the weather talk? We recognize that fifth aren’t quite young anymore, nor are sixth graders young adults yet. So we’ve gone ahead and combined this wonderful age group of kids into their own mini group. In this “pre-youth group” program we seek to meet God’s children where they’re at in this important stage of faith formation. 56 Degrees meets together each Sunday morning and Wednesday night for Bible class. Along with Bible class monthly activities include devotionals, some service activities, some stuff “just for fun,” and lots of laughter and friendship.

Leadership Training for Christ, Grades 3-12

The mission of Lakehoma’s Leadership Training for Christ program (LTC) is to stimulate and encourage spiritual, mental, and social growth in youth from 3rd through 12th Activities aim to develop skills in leadership, Bible knowledge, and servanthood (go to the LTC website,, to find more information).

Our Marriage & Family Ministry

We believe families and marriages need to be strong in order to be salt and light to the world, shining to God’s glory. We seek to strengthen marriages and families through biblical and practical classes, seminars, Date Nights, retreats, Life Groups, and fellowship and service opportunities.

Our Primetimers Ministry

Who: 55 & older

What: prayer, food, fellowship, dominoes & cards

When: fourth Thursday in the following months: Jan.-May; Sept.-Oct. (no meetings during the summer or holidays)

Where: Lakehoma Church of Christ Fellowship Room, 6:00 p.m.

Contact: Charles or Donna Myers (376-2210)

Our Benevolence Ministry

We believe that “whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone–especially to those in the family of faith” (Galatians 6:10, NLT). We help each other and look for ways we can help our neighbors and our community as well. We maintain a food pantry, collect money to buy blankets for children, and more. Gregg Currington is our deacon over benevolence.