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Time is Love

November 1, 2013

Time: we only have so much of it, and there are so many ways we can spend it.

You try to "save" time. You think you'll enjoy some free time, grab some quiet time. Then you find out it was all an illusion. Life's sleight of hand fooled you again.

Now watch Jesus. He's a man on a mission, and the clock is ticking down (cf. John 9:4-5). He warned that night is coming when no one can work. Busy, busy!

And yet there he is, stopping to help the blind, the diseased, and the grieving.

He has time for a centurion. He has time for a widow. He has time for a Samaritan woman by a well. He has time for a tax-collector.

There's Jesus, showing us something about how to use our time, as he stops to bless the children while the disciples are urging him to hurry on past.

How we spend our time will be determined by what we value, what we cherish. Author Gary Chapman suggests that focused attention (not just being in the same room with someone) is a great way to communicate love in our heavily distracted world.

Who do you love? Give them some quality time, and they will know you love them. Benjamin Franklin observed, "Lost time is never found again."

~Clyde H. Slimp


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